A Simple Idea: Collect Your Change & Help Your Community

Make a difference for local families in need.

The following item was submitted by Lynnfield-based nonprofit

Have you ever considered doing community service from your own home?  Collecting your change and donating it to Gathering Change, Inc. will help you to do just that. 

GCI, a non-profit charitable organization, asks individuals, like yourself, to collect their spare change at home and then donates it to your local food pantry or social programs within your neighborhoods. 

You may save up your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters (bills if you feel inspired to do so) in any receptacle that suits your family’s personality: a can, a jar, a milk bottle, a cup, a jug, a bowl, the choices are endless.  Place your ‘jar’ in your home’s most popular spot, throw in your extra coins and watch them pile up; it’s an easy way to contribute. 

We will pick up your collection when it is full.  For more information, please call 617-548-5357 and/or check out our website at: www.gatheringchangeinc.org.  Thank you for supporting your neighbors in need!


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