Lynnfield Youth Football Donates Headphones To LHS Football

Donation of $4,000 in headphones equips entire LHS football coaching staff.

The following is from Lynnfield Youth Football:

Before this year’s season began, Head Coach Neal Weidman and his Assistant Coaches received an early gift.  New Headphones, which are used on Game days, were purchased for the entire coaching staff compliments of the Lynnfield Youth Football Program.

Tom Terranova, Steve Berardino and Wayne Shaffer, directors of the Lynnfield Youth Football Program for the past 12 years, donated the headphones on behalf of the Lynnfield High School football players. 

Tom, Steve and Wayne have been an instrumental part of the boys’ football experience as most of these boys have “grown up” in the LYF program.  In recognition of the LHS football players, who have taken time over the years to help out at the youth games and have given their time during the pre-season to help out the youth players at the LYF Camp, Tom, Steve and Wayne demonstrated their appreciation of the boys’ efforts of giving back to the Lynnfield Youth Football Program by donating the headsets to the Lynnfield High School coaches.  

Thank you to both the Lynnfield Youth Football Program and to the Lynnfield High School Football Players for all their contributions!


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