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 253 North Ave Wakefield MA 01880  See map

Weight Loss Challenge meets for 12 weeks... 
You have your personal coach who will do a free wellness profile, help you customize a program based on your goals, your BMI, your "magic numbers".. nutrtion class, support and accountability........

$35 one time registration goes into a pot for payout at the end to TOP Biggest Losers. ..
          last challenge shared almost $400.......

Call Arlene or Toni Geraci  781-246-2234 for info or
Come and Learn YOUR Magic Numbers!!

  1. My Daily Protein Target: _____________ grams / day
  2. My Daily Water Target: ______________ oz / day
  3. My Daily Calorie Target: ______________ cals / day
  4. My Daily Fiber Target: ______________ grams / day
  5. My Daily Calcium Target: ___________ mg / day
  6. My Fruit & Veggie Target: ________  servings / day 

We’ll meet weekly on Monday  and learn more about……

  • Keeping a food log… proven fact… shed more lbs.
  • 76 ways SUGAR can ruin your health.
  • How Fat burns 3 cals / lb.  MUSCLE burns 14 cals / lb.
  • How skipping breakfast puts your metab in a coma!!
  • How important it is to Drink BEFORE you are thirsty.
  • How & Why Protein keeps you FULLER LONGER
  • 5 grams of FAT = __(?)__ Tsp of fat (awareness)
  • 4 grams of SUGAR = ___(?)___ Tsp. of sugar.
  • All Fats good or bad = ___(?)___  Cals / Tblsp.
  • How to READ LABELS – Watch PORTIONS etc. J

 See You Monday!!!... J


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