MCAS Scores Offered Some Mixed Results In Lynnfield

Challenges remain for some grades in math, other categories had district near the top of the state.

Lynnfield students generally built on last year’s accomplishments in the statewide MCAS test, with scores having been released by the state this week.

This link offers a look at how the Lynnfield students have fared in MCAS testing over the past several years, broken down by grade, year and subject.

A significant number of grade 10 students were able to move into the advanced category in math and English, and to a lesser extent, science. The “needs improvement” category for all of these subjects remained largely unchanged and in the single digits.

In grade 8 mathematics, which can also be viewed at the above link, the total number of students in the advanced or proficient categories rose to 70% from 61% last year. This year there were 19% of the 8th graders in the “needs improvement” category, compared to 25% in 2011. There were also 12% of the students in the “warning” category, down slightly from 14% the year before.

There were some tough spots for math this year in younger grades as well. The 7th graders had 30% in the “needs improvement” category, although they also decreased their proportion of students scoring “warning” levels from 13 to 7%. However, this year also saw 63% of students in advanced or proficient math levels, down from 69% last year.

“Our middle school math showed some increases and some decreases from last
year,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Jefferson in an email to Lynnfield Patch. “Historically grades 5 and 6 have underperformed which was a
primary motivation for the revamping we did of the program and teaching
model at those grades.  The elementary math scores were among the top in
the state.”

At the 6th grade level, 27% were in the advanced category, compared to 22% last year, but there were also still 28% scoring “needs improvement,” comparable to last year’s 30%. The 5th grade also had some setbacks, with 26% advanced and 24% at “needs improvement,” compared to a respective 37% and 17% in 2011. There were also 9% of 5th graders scoring in the “warning” category, compared to 4% last year.

Numbers in grade 4 were within a few points of each other in all the math categories, but in third grade math, there were substantial gains reflected. 56% of the students scored “advanced,” with just 9% getting “needs improvement” – although that figure was still up from last year’s 5%.

Note: A complete look at this year's Lynnfield MCAS scores, compared to state averages, can be viewed at this link.


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