Lynnfield One of Boston's 'Most Attractive' School Districts, Says Real Estate Blog

According to Census data analyzed by Trulia, a real estate site, Lynnfield is a Boston-area school districts that seems to attract young families.

Lynnfield is an "attractive" school district, according to an analysis conducted by Trulia, a real estate website.

The Trulia Trends blog looked at Census data from 2010 for school districts across the county. It compared the number of pre-schoolers (kids aged 0-4) to the number of elementary school-aged kids (ages 5 to 9).

School districts with more elementary school-aged kids than pre-schoolers were deemed to be "attractive" school districts—the blog surmised families with kids were moving into those districts.

Districts with more pre-schoolers than elementary school kids were deemed less attractive—the Census data indicated families with young kids seemed to be moving out before they entered elementary school.

The country's most attractive school district, Saratoga Union Elementary School District in California, for instance, had 2.38 elementary school kids for every 1 pre-schooler.

Lynnfield was determined to be one of the most attractive school districts in the Boston area, with a ratio of 1.64 elementary school kids per 1 pre-schooler.

Here's a list of Boston's most "attractive" school districts from the Trulia Trends blog:

School District


Price per SQFT


Westford School District



Middlesex MA

Duxbury School District



Plymouth MA

Westwood School District



Norfolk MA

Weston School District



Middlesex MA

Medfield School District



Norfolk MA

Pentucket School District



Essex MA

Sudbury School District



Middlesex MA

Groton-Dunstable School District



Middlesex MA

Lynnfield School District



Essex MA

Lexington School District



Middlesex MA

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