Lynnfield Company Helped Boost MCAS Science Scores

Students in various schools using JogNog to prepare for MCAS science test reportedly saw average improvement nearly double the average last school year.

Lynnfield-based JogNog has announced that students using its competitive learning games were able to noticeably improve their MCAS science scores last year.

Last school year, JogNog partnered with science, technology and engineering teachers from various Massachusetts middle schools to work on their goals for the MCAS test. The result was the American Science Challenge, which uses JogNog as part of the test prep process, giving the students a chance to compete with their friends while building their knowledge of science, technology and engineering concepts.

Statewide, the company reports that students using JogNog to prepare for the Science MCAS saw their score improve an average of 8.1% - compared to just 4% for the overall student population.

"We are thrilled that the MCAS results for 2012 show that the JogNog game can both save teachers’ time in preparing for standardized tests and deliver exceptional results," said Stephen Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of JogNog.com. "We congratulate the teachers who participated in the American Science Challenge, as part of their focused effort to give their students a stronger science education. Based on these great results we are expanding our efforts in the 2012-2013 school year to partner with up to 30 schools and over 6,000 eighth grade students."

A performance report for schools involved in the American Science Challenge can be found online at http://www.JogNog.com/press/2012ASCResults.pdf, Teachers can register their own classrooms to compete in the ASC during the 2012-2013 school year at http://www.JogNog.com/ASC.

The JogNog game is available online, as well as in the iTunes store and in the Android market. Both the apps and the website include free and paid content for complete common core curriculum coverage from grades two through eight. JogNog is always free for teachers to use to create their own quizzes for their students using a library of over 60,000 standards-based multiple-choice questions. A one-minute tutorial on creating a Quick Quiz is available on JogNog’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JogNogGame.


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