VIDEO: Senior Center's Programs At Capacity

On Monday, Council on Aging board member Jack Bitner told selectmen that the Lynnfield Senior Center is offering all it currently can and is open to ideas for the future.

Monday night at the selectmen's meeting, three town entities - the Council on Aging, the Library, and the Historical Commission all made their respective budget presentations for the coming year.

Looking ahead to a more long term town issue, Jack Bitner of the Council on Aging took a couple of minutes to talk about the Lynnfield Senior Center is a victim of its own success as it struggles to keep up with demand for its services and programs from an expanding elderly population. In this video, Bitner notes that the Lynnfield COA does not have any specific solutions in mind at this point but is open to suggestions from town officials.

Sydney January 30, 2013 at 02:06 PM
Charity begins at home and so I ask, of those taking advantage of the senior center, how many are non-residents? The town is very generous but, at some point, hard decisions need to be made. Many do not have endlessly deep pockets ... if someone out there does, step up and send a check ... otherwise, let's be prudent


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