Text Of Lynnfield's FY '13 Capital Budget

Town will not borrow for capital budget this year.

The following is Lynnfield's capital budget for fiscal year 2013, which will be considered at the April 23 town meeting.

School Department:
Technology: $250,000
Total: $250,000

Police Department:
Firearms Replacement:  $12,150
Laster Speed Detector: $4,000
Total: $16,150

Fire Department:
Protective Gear: $10,000
Portable Radios And Pagers: $8,000
Hoses And Nozzles: $6,000
Total: $24,000

Public Works:
(1) Replacement Truck: $67,000
Sidewalk Repair: $25,000
Subtotal: $92,000

School Buildings
High School Summer Boiler Replacement: $35,000
High School Interior Door And Hardware Repairs: $25,000
High School floor tile repairs - expansion joints: $5,000
Summer Street School Interior Door And Hardware Repairs: $7,000
Huckleberry Hill Concrete Walkway Repairs: $20,000
Huckleberry Hill Kitchen Ceiling Replacement: $3,000
Middle School Library Wall Repair: $5,000
Subtotal: $100,000

Other Town Improvements
Senior Center Carpet: $19,304
Pillings Pond Improvements: $12,500
Subtotal: $31,804
Total Public Works: $223,804
Total Capital Budget: $513,954

Total General Fund: $413,954
Total Capital Facilities Fund: $100,000

FY '12 Special Article
Information Technology: $20,000
1 Police Cruiser (Sedan) With Police Package $31,810
Total FY '12 Special Article: $51,810


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