State Deems Lynnfield A 'Moderate' EEE Risk

Locals advised to use bug repellent and take other precautions in response to recent positive EEE test in mosquito.

The state has classified Lynnfield a “moderate” risk for EEE based on the detection of one mammal-biting mosquito testing positive for the virus, according to a town announcement Wednesday morning.

With a moderate risk, the state advises residents to take precautions such as using bug repellent, but it does not go as far as suggesting that outdoor events should be called off. Any change in the risk level will be posted on the town website, noted the announcement.

The positive mosquito test came less than a week after Lynnfield sprayed along Main Street in the vicinity of the Reading line – another town that has had a positive EEE mosquito test come up this month. .

Statewide updates and safety tips about EEE and West Nile Virus testing and prevention can be found at the state Department of Health website.



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