Senator Clark's Letter To The Residents Of Lynnfield

Redistricting expected to mean new state senator for Lynnfield.

The following is a letter to the people of Lynnfield from State Senator Katherine Clark:

This week the state’s Special Joint Committee on Redistricting released a new map of legislative districts for Massachusetts, a process required after every Decennial Census to accommodate shifts in population and provide equal representation to all citizens. Our district – which will become known as Fifth Middlesex – was changed in this process, including the additions of parts of Melrose and Winchester. Most notably, however, Lynnfield was removed and will become part of the Third Essex district.  If approved, this change will take effect in January, 2013. I will continue to have the honor of representing you in the Senate over the next 15 months.  In that time, I know we will work together on a full legislative agenda to advance the best interests of Lynnfield.

I am very privileged and thankful to serve as your State Senator.  I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished together, especially working to give Lynnfield the opportunity to participate in the state Group Insurance Commission’s system with projected savings of $1.2 million. Together we have continued to focus on growing small businesses, protecting elders and increasing educational opportunity.

Mostly though, I’ve enjoyed meeting you, learning about your schools, library, and businesses, and hearing about the issues and ideas that are important to you. The Town of Lynnfield is a community characterized by a generosity of spirit and commitment to one another and the greater good.  And to me, that was represented most profoundly at the Remembrance Service that took place on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  That was a truly beautiful, moving, community event, and I will never forget it.

As we move forward over the next year – and beyond – I know I have much more to learn from the people of Lynnfield, and I am proud to call so many of you friends.


Katherine Clark


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