Selectmen Approve $150K for Snow Removal Costs

Blizzard earlier this month consumed what was left of the year's initial snow and ice budget.

Selectmen have approved a request by the Department of Public Works for $150,000 for snow and ice removal - hopefully enough to get through the rest of the winter.

On Monday night, Town Administrator Bill Gustus reported that the Blizzard of 2013 had cost Lynnfield $140,000 from its DPW budget alone, while the fire department would have also incurred costs from overtime and other storm-related needs.

Gustus also reported that the Massachusetts Emergency Management Association is seeking a federal disaster declaration for the storm, which would allow the town to recover a portion of those costs.

Last year, there was so little snow that the DPW actually finished with a small surplus in the snow and ice budget, while two years ago the town also found its budget greatly overwhelmed by heavy snow.

For the record, the Lynnfield DPW reports on its website that 50.25 inches of snow have fallen in town this winter.


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