Nine Articles Approved At Lynnfield's Fall Town Meeting

Town had enough in attendance for a quorum at this year's meeting, business conducted at a steady pace.

Lynnfield voters turned out to approve nine warrant articles at Monday night's town meeting, wrapping up business within a couple of hours. The evening was a contrast to last fall's meeting, when too few residents showed up for a quorum, forcing its cancellation.

The first two warrant articles covered routine financial matters for the town. The first one covered about $1,650 in outstanding bills from last year, while the second article adjusted a couple of previously approved line items - with help from recent borrowing costs that have turned out lower than expected. One item covered by article 2 allows the conservation commission to pay a staff member for nine hours of work each week as opposed in five, keeping up with demands posed by increased development in town.

Articles 3, 4 and 5 accepted Sevinor Road, Elizabeth Way and Kestda Lane as town public ways.

Warrant article 6 generated what may have been the largest share of discussion of the evening. .

Article 7 authorized the town to take possession of 103 acres of land in the Market Street at Lynnfield deal. Further background information can be viewed at this link.

Finally, article 8 was postponed indefinitely, while article 9 permitted the town to take $90,000 from a previous year's appropriation ($650,000 for a new fire truck in October, 2008) and instead use it for a new van for the Senior Center.


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