LETTER: Introduction From Selectman Candidate Tom Terranova

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Selectman of Lynnfield for the 2012 election on April 9th. I have had the pleasure of living in this great town for 14 years with my wife Sylvie and raised our two children, Michelina and Thomas, here. I have witnessed first-hand how well this town has been run in a very challenging environment. There are many nearby municipalities that have not fared as well. But the ideas and ideals that have led us to where we are today may not be the same that will help us navigate the difficult challenges that are ahead. Lynnfield needs a proven leader with an unwavering dedication to maintain our great way of life, strong financial health, exceptional level of services, and unparalleled sense of community. I believe my track record and qualifications make me the ideal candidate to serve as your Selectman.

Over the past 14 years, I have worked tirelessly to improve many aspects of our community here in Lynnfield. As Commissioner, I helped build the terrific Lynnfield Youth Football and Cheering Programs, led the Recreation Committee with my vision of a self-sustaining department that offers great social and recreation programs, reinstated the non-profit status of the Lynnfield Athletic Association, was a coach and director for Lynnfield Youth Soccer, and currently serve on the Lynnfield Finance Committee. Like many of you, I have done this because of my love for this town and the desire to build a better community.

As a business owner and CPA for the last 23 years, I have dealt with many of the same challenges that face our town. I am keenly aware that we will be forced to reconcile town spending with the planned revenue stream over the next several years. It will take a new level of understanding of, and accountability for the expenses, the development of alternatives for revenues that limit the burden on the taxpayer, input and ideas from town officials, administrators and citizens and a vision for the future that will preserve the Lynnfield way of life.

There are many reasons why I would like to serve as your selectman. I want Lynnfield to continue to have great schools, a great public safety record and all the town services we currently enjoy without burdening residents with additional property taxes. I want to bring even greater transparency to all matters that pertain to town finances. I want to continue to invest in maintaining that strong community spirit that makes me proud to live here and makes for a great way of life for all residents.

As your Selectman I will bring out-of-the box thinking to solving our problems and capitalizing on our opportunities. My pledge to you is that I will:

-Listen to the needs of the people and be a strong advocate and VOICE for the people

-Be the VOICE of CONSERVATIVE spending while maintaining a watchful eye on how our tax money is being spent.

-Seek to bring in a self-funded grant-writer to identify and generate funds for community projects.

-Form a technology committee of town residents to create a robust web site that stays up-to-date, increases transparency of town finances, budgets and other public documents. Create and implement technological systems that will streamline our government and bring us to the cutting edge of Town automation

-Initiate a ‘Beautify Lynnfield Day’ for residents to take ownership in the beauty and cleanliness of our town.

These are some of the types of programs that I believe will most impact the future of our town and your pride in it.

Your vote will allow me to be a strong advocate and VOICE for the Lynnfield taxpayer. My work ethic and passion for this town, combined with my financial and managerial expertise as a CPA will serve our community well. I look forward to representing and serving you, the members of our community. I am asking for your VOTE on April 9 to bring our dreams to LIFE.

Editor's Note: To read Tom Terranova's previous interview with Lynnfield Patch, . An interview with , who is also running for the town's open selectman seat, will run on this website early Monday morning.

Jit Lee March 15, 2012 at 01:20 PM
After reading this article I went to Tom's website tomtforlynnfield.com and now realize how much Tom has done for our Town. Tom has my family's vote on April 9th!!
Mike Mitchell March 22, 2013 at 09:40 PM
He and his committee don't have a lot of time left to fill in the blanks at the web site - http://tomtforlynnfield.com/issues Bring on the issues! (I realize.. for a CPA this is a busy time of the year.)


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