Kerry Goodwin Photographs The Danforth House

Lynnfield-based professional photographer Kerry Goodwin had a series of photos run last year in the Weekly News. She's got a gallery of more than 200 shots up on Flickr showing the town's most historic house.

Earlier in the week, this website ran an update on the discussion over what to do with Lynnfield's Danforth House.

The building is as decayed as it is historic, having played key roles in some of the most formative moments of Lynnfield's history. These days, it is probably best known as the former home of Captain Nathaniel Bancroft, who led one of several groups of Lynnfield Minutemen to fight the British at the Battle of Menotomy in Arlington soon after Lexington and Concord in April, 1775.

The building was last used as a nursing home around the 1950s. Whether or not it is saved, it's possible that the land could in the future be used for a new town public safety complex or library.

Thanks to Lynnfield photographer Kerry Goodwin for referring us to this series of photos take last year when she was able to go inside and tour the house. She's got more than 200 of them on Flickr. Here's a look at some of them.


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