House GOP Proposal Eyes Municipal Campaign Reforms

House Republican Leader Brad Jones announces that GOP conference will try to close campaign loophole involving municipal candidates.

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. announced that the House GOP Conference will file legislation to close a loophole in state campaign finance laws. 

The legislation addresses candidates at the town or city level who neglect to comply with certain reporting requirements. The House GOP proposal would extend laws which currently apply only to candidates for state office to include those running for positions at the municipal level. 

“Accountability in government is paramount at all levels,” said Jones. “All elected officials in Massachusetts need to be held to the highest standard; it is, after all, what the residents expect. Our intention in filing this legislation is to ensure that any candidate, regardless of the office they seek, is in full compliance with all campaign finance laws.” 

Currently, only candidates running for state or county office can be blocked from a ballot should they refuse to disclose a legally required campaign finance report. Candidates for city or town offices with unresolved campaign finance violations legally cannot be barred from appearing on the ballot, noted Jones this week in his announcement.



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