Discussion Of A Lynnfield Public Safety Building Is Starting Up

At Wednesday night's budget summit, Police Chief David Breen said "I think it is time to start a discussion" about replacing the 50+ year old Lynnfield police and fire stations with a town public safety building.

The idea is still very much in the earliest stages, but Lynnfield residents may find themselves asked to consider a possible public safety building in town sometime in the next few years.

At Wednesday night's budget summit, where various town department heads discussed their projected funding needs for the coming year, Police Chief David Breen suggested that it's time for the town to at least begin talking about replacing the current police and fire stations. During his own earlier presentation on the fire department's budget needs, Chief Joseph Lingel said that a new public safety complex in Lynnfield would be his "big wish" from a long-term budgetary perspective.

Breen reported that the current station is "woefully inadequate" and "not retrofittable" for the town's law enforcement needs - especially with the Market Street development also projected to result in more service calls and the need for more police and fire personnel. For example, he said, there is currently no juvenile holding area, and there is only one female cell at the station. He also cited insufficient office space, an outdated firing range, a lack of public restrooms, and more.

"I truly believe that the time has come for this project to move forward," said Breen, adding that ultimately, this project "will take years to complete."

Later, Selectman Bob MacKendrick recalled that the existing stations had been built around 1960 - and that they had design flaws from the start.

He cited some "very definite needs" facing the town - the police and fire stations, but also the library's growth needs and town hall space. As a result, he added that selectmen are currently looking at re-activating the town's capital needs committee.

"We want to be able to do this in a manner that does not raise taxes," said MacKendrick, who also noted that "some opportunities could exist" for the town over the next couple of years as a couple of older debts get paid off. The selectman also noted that the project is "obviously not something that's going to happen overnight."

With that in mind, the question of a public safety building could come up before town meeting voters in a year or two.

Editor's Note: What do you think? Is it time to update Lynnfield's police and fire facilities sometime in the foreseeable future?

demetrious lampropoulos December 06, 2012 at 01:04 PM
it time to put more venterans who live in the town of lynnfield on the police department instead of hiring from other town
Angry Dave December 07, 2012 at 09:14 PM
I knew this was coming!!!!!! The developers throw a $1MM at the town like and they fall all over themselves accepting it and then clebrate at the 99 the evening it was passed. Forget about what it will do to the town, never mnd the folks living on Walnut street! Now the bills are starting to come due. we will need more cops, morefire and now a new station because they will be arrsting people every weekend at the theater that was never supposed to be approved (but was in a backroom deal). Nice job mall proponents!!!!!!!!!!!! You made the bed we all must sleep in!!!!!!!!!
Wallace McKenzie December 09, 2012 at 11:51 PM
I have posted the Connery Report that was used by the town officials to sell the development. It is posted on topics01940.org
marc bowlen December 12, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Very simple! Residents were opposed to the Market Place but corrupt gangs that are userped in power like the town administration department, the police, the selectmen betrayed the public for their own financial gain need to be held accountable! Citizens of Lynnfield need to act organize with your neighbors, hold your own town meetings outside of Lynnfield where you can't be censored by the thugs in power! Get together and organize your own candidates to run for selectman and vote out your current selectman then you will have the new board fire the town administrator and his staff, put your own town residents in power, then the new administrator fire the police chief! Then eliminate every head of the town governments various departments and their blown up salaries! That is how to take back your community and lower your property taxes! The current administration wants to keep raising your taxes so they can take care of their gangs in the government in the form of high paying government jobs and pensions for themselves! While they don't do anything for the hard working citizens of this community who are in the private sector! They want to create crime in your town by allowing things like the new market place and 40b housing like Lynnfield Commons to be developed which the people were opposed to so when the crime goes up it benefits the police with overtime and expands government! They need to be stopped at all costs!


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