Boston Herald Endorses Brown; Warren Also Picks Up Nods

The Boston Herald endorsed Senator Scott Brown on Wednesday; his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren has recently had several endorsements as well.

The Boston Herald endorsed Senator Scott Brown on Wednesday, praising what the newspaper called his "fiscal sanity and bipartisanship."

Brown would be more likely than his Democratic foe Elizabeth Warren, the Herald editorial board argued, to stay out of lockstep with their respective party leadership.

"Democrats have made much of the fact that, should he win election to a full term, Brown would represent a vote in favor of the current GOP leadership. But Brown at least has a track record of breaking with that same GOP leadership and representing a more moderate voice," wrote the Herald editorial board. "We’re less certain that Elizabeth Warren would challenge Harry Reid & Co. on important issues."

Endorsement season is in full swing, as the election looms 13 days away on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Warren recently picked up a nod from women's rights advocate Sandra Fluke (who became famous after radio show host Rush Limbaugh insulted her.) She also received an endorsement from Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

Brown has been endorsed by organizations including the State Police Association of Massachusetts and former Gov. William Weld.


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