Wakefield PD To Recognize Man Who Helped Subdue Suspect

Citizen is a Wilmington resident who stepped in to prevent a 20 year old suspect facing numerous charges from fleeing Tuesday night's incident where an officer was briefly dragged by his car.

The Wakefield Police Department has announced on its Twitter feed that it will recognize a citizen from Wilmington who helped them subdue a suspect who allegedly fled the scene of a traffic stop this week and briefly dragged an officer.

The tweet from the department said that it will recognize the man, whose name has yet to be provided, at 2 p.m. Friday.

On Tuesday evening, a Wakefield officer pulled over a 20 year old town resident, Gregory Hampton Boyd, for illegally tinted windows and after-market purple headlights. A second officer arrived soon after. Wakefield Police report that the man was allegedly spotted removing a small plastic bag with a white residue from his center console and placing it in his car. After being ordered to spit it out, he allegedly fled the scene – dragging a female Wakefield officer for a short distance and leaving her with minor facial injuries.

Police drove down Main Street in the direction the suspect fled and soon came across his car, which was crashed into a stone wall down the street. A nearby citizen saw the individual trying to crawl out the window of the car to flee, and ended up trying to hold him for police. Police allege that Boyd continued to resist arrest even after they arrived on the scene of the crash.

As a result of the incident, Boyd was charged with 16 different offenses. A full account of the incident and list of the charges can be viewed at this link.


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