Two Vehicle Thefts Reported In Town in Recent Weeks

Lynnfield Police monitoring situation to be sure no trend is getting started. Thefts not very similar at first glance.

Two vehicles have been stolen in Lynnfield over the past several weeks, although it is questionable whether the crimes are related in any way.

On June 17, the owner of a house on Perkins Lane reported that a 1958 Jaguar Mark 8 was stolen from his garage sometime between then and April 20, when he had last visited the property and checked on it through a garage window.

Then, on June 23 a resident reported that a 2004 Toyota Sequioa was stolen from a driveway on Coleman Avenue sometime that day between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. The vehicle was soon recovered, but not under the most favorable circumstances. Lynnfield Police learned from the Lynn Police Department that the vehicle was involved in an accident on Cook Street in that city. A police report said that witnesses reported seeing a man in a mask flee the vehicle, which was said to suffer heavy front end damage in the incident.

There was also a Nissan Altima reported stolen from the Kelly Nissan dealership in Lynnfield on May 7.

"It may just be an anomaly or a successful attempt duplicated. We will continue to monitor this to make sure it is not a trend," Police Chief David Breen told Lynnfield Patch via email when asked about the two most recent incidents.

On a somewhat related note, Lynnfield Police in the Ninety-Nine parking lot stolen from Cambridge and later involved in a hit and run incident in Lynn.

Overall, stolen vehicles are not particularly common in Lynnfield, but the crime does happen in town from time to time.

As , there were seven vehicles reported stolen in Lynnfield in 2011, along with four other reports involving stolen vehicle parts. In contrast, there were 76 burglaries and 58 motor vehicle break-ins reported in Lynnfield in 2011.


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