Traffic Enforcement A Top Priority Last Year

Traffic enforcement activities up 130 percent compared to 2010.

Lynnfield Police Chief David Breen announced this week in an email to town officials and local media that traffic enforcement activities were up 130% compared to 2010.

Breen reported that traffic enforcement efforts include written citations and warnings, as well as verbal warnings. In 2010, Lynnfield Police logged 527 traffic enforcement actions – while in 2011, that figure went up to 1,209.

“These numbers underscore the fact that the department listened to the complaints of the residents and took an active approach to mitigate traffic concerns in Lynnfield,” said Breen. “It is gratifying to have a group of officers that strive to work together with the community to solve problems.”

In late March, after the high snow banks melted and there appeared to be an upswing in speeding on town roads in response.

“I wish to thank the members of The Lynnfield Police Department for their productivity and look forward to working with them to make Lynnfield a better place to live in 2012.”


Don January 06, 2012 at 12:35 PM
This is very needed in our town. I have been stopped and warned several times and I have no problem with our officers. It is appreciated and although I was not really speeding much over the limit, they need to be on those who are doing 55 plus on our roads. Please keep up the great work. I will always drive the posted speed limits and for those who like to ride up my back, too bad, you will slow down and wait.


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