Stolen Car Pursued In Lynnfield

Early Saturday morning, a stolen car was spotted driving on Summer Street. Driver escaped on Route 128.

A driver with a stolen car was spotted on Summer Street Saturday morning and briefly pulled over by Lynnfield Police before he drove off and escaped onto Route 128 North.

According to a report by the Lynnfield Police, an officer was monitoring traffic on Summer Street at about 6 a.m. on Saturday morning when he ran the plate number of a passing vehicle. The car, a Honda Civic, had been reported stolen in Peabody.

The officer pulled over the vehicle near the Reedy Meadow Golf Course, but as he approached it, the driver sped away, reaching about 60 miles per hour on Walnut Street and approaching 80 miles per hour toward Route 128. As the driver of the stolen vehicle got onto Route 128 North, the Lynnfield Police broke off the pursuit and the State Police began searching for the vehicle. The vehicle was last seen traveling on Route 128 North.


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