Fleeing Car Knocks Over Stop Sign

All information is provided by Lynnfield Police. Where arrests are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Lynnfield Police responded to these and other calls for service between Friday, Feb, 17 and Tuesday, Feb. 21.

On Friday, Feb. 17, at 5:35 a.m., a motorist reported that she struck a deer near the Summer Street School.
At 1:18 p.m., the Lynn Police called about a man wearing a ski mask who was walking on Salem Street near Otter Pond Road. Lynnfield Police located him and transported him back to that city.
At 1:59 p.m., a motorist called from the Pump 'N Pantry saying that the price posted on the gas pump was not correct.
At 5:03 p.m., a man with a pickup truck was reported to be cutting down trees down Carter Road. He was gone on arrival.
At 6:26 p.m., a resident reported some missing valuables.
At 8:21 p.m., a caller reported a suspicious man sitting in his car at Boston Sports Club. He turned out to be listening to the Bruins game before going in to the gym.
At 9:35 p.m., an officer spoke to a large group of youths reported to be hanging out on Prospect Ave.
At 9:50 p.m., a suspicious white SUV with two men in it was reported on Herrick Lane.

On Saturday, Feb. 18, at 2:15 a.m., police received calls from both parties in a domestic incident taking place on Doncaster Circle.
At 11:06 a.m., a motor vehicle accident was reported in the Eastern Bank parking lot.
At 4:35 p.m., a minor motor vehicle accident was reported in front of Donovan's Liquors. The parties were gone on arrival.
At 10:37 p.m., an Upton Lane resident reported hearing something downstairs. Nothing was found.

On Sunday, Feb. 19, at 1 a.m., a caller reported yelling and screaming near Lowell Street. It turned out to be an altercation at a nearby party.
At 2:32 a.m., police checked on an open garage door on Thomas Road and found it could not be closed.
At 5:34 a.m., a caller reported that a neighbor's outside lights were blinking on and off, possibly because of an issue with the security system. The system was reset.
At 8:06 a.m., police provided a lift assist to a town resident.
At 10:21 a.m., police took a report involving lost property at the Christmas Tree Shop.
At 10:58 a.m., a parking complaint came in from Grove Street.
At 11:44 a.m., a caller reported illegal dumping on Main Street.
At 5:26 p.m.,  a Munroe Street resident reported seeing a possible drug transaction involving occupants of two vehicles.
At 9:01 p.m., an officer was requested at the Ninety Nine because of a problem with a customer. The individual left soon after.
At 10:46 p.m., an unwanted party was reported on Brook Drive.
At 11:02 p.m., police took a report about a missing wallet.
At 11:35 p.m., a domestic disturbance was reported on Brook Drive. Peace was restored.

On Monday, Feb. 20, at 6:19 p.m., police and fire personnel responded to a report of smoke in the house on Tappan Court.
At 7:25 p.m., police assisted a motorist with a tire change at Walnut and Salem streets.

On Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 8:05 a.m., a minor motor vehicle accident was reported on Walnut Street.
At 3:36 p.m., a parking violation was reported at Sunrise Senior Living.
At 4:16 p.m., a domestic disturbance was reported on Crest Road. Peace was restored.
At 7:21 p.m., police took a report involving juvenile offenses near Trickett Road. An area search turned up nobody.
At 8:26 p.m. a woman reported that her email account had been hacked and requested a log entry as a precaution for future reference.
At 10:10 p.m., a suspicious auto was reported parked on Wymon Way. It was a nearby resident talking to a friend.
At 10:21 p.m., Lynnfield assisted Peabody Police in searching for a vehicle that fled from that city. The vehicle knocked over a stop sign at the intersection of Salem and Summer streets, and the vehicle apparently proceeded to Route 128.

For questions about this police log, email william.laforme@patch.com.


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