Then And Now: The Great Storm Of '48?

Each week, Lynnfield Patch runs a photo from the files of the Lynnfield HIstorical Society and talks about what's there today.

This week in New England, Hurricane Sandy is very much the main area of concern for a large part of the population. Over the span of many years though, hurricanes are a fairly common occurence in New England.

Just over a year ago, local residents were getting ready for Hurricane Irene, which mostly left behind a trail of downed branches as it passed to the west. As far as this particular photo goes it was dated 1948 in the files of the Lynnfield Historical Society. No major hurricane comes up in an online search in the Boston area for that year, although this tree could have simply been brought down in some lesser kind of weather event.

I do not recognize the house or the street in the picture. If anybody does, I'd love to hear from you in the comment box below.

That tree is a magnificant specimen, and the house isn't so bad either. Now here's the funny part that I bet local passers-by got more than a few laughs out of - if you look really closely at the unlucky house, there happens to be a "For Sale" sign posted outside of it. Talk about a motivated seller!

Steve Marzeotti October 29, 2012 at 03:19 PM
In the "Images of America - Lynnfield" book by Warren H. Falls, this photo identifies this house as being located on Route 1 opposite Munroe Street. Maybe on the Southbound side of Rte 1? ( I was born in the early 60's and can't recall.) The book also states this as the 1938 hurricane. There was a major hurricane that hit New England in 1938. There were 9 hurricanes in 1948 but none appear to have caused major damage in New England as the '38 storm did.


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