POLL: Community Preservation Act

A Boston Sunday Globe article found waning support for the Community Preservation Act in many North Shore communities. Lynnfield was briefly mentioned. So what do you think?

Over the weekend, the Boston Globe took a look at the state of the Community Preservation Act (CPA), a state law that for the past decade or so has allowed cities and towns to add a local property tax surcharge ranging from 0.5 to a maximum of 3%. The surcharge, used to fund things from affordable housing to the conservation of historic and conservation resources, among other similar priorities, is reportedly losing steam throughout the North Shore region. The Globe report noted that in recent years, the state has actually stopped providing a 100% match for the funds raised, which has dampened the effort's momentum. However, numerous area towns have reportedly rejected CPA proposals in recent years, and a couple are now even considering reducing their existing local levies.

For the Lynnfield part, the Globe mentioned in passing that the town had rejected a 3% CPA at its 2009 town meeting. The report also quoted Historical Commission Chair Nan Hockenbury as pointing out that town voters in 2009 were already dealing with a separate override vote and did not fully understand the benefits offered under the proposal.

So, that brings us to a Monday morning poll question. Many of you probably voted one way or another on this issue at the 2009 town meeting, and you probably remember the debate and ensuing talking points well. However, that was three years ago. I want to know - now that the issue just happened to come up again in the regional news recently - where do you stand? Cast your vote below!

Sgt. Al Powell March 03, 2012 at 07:44 PM
affordable housing = destroy every single town. Repeal 40B. Heres an idea: If you can affod it, its affordable, if not, work harder.


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