Lynnfield Related Items On eBay 4/8 Edition

A light hearted look at the town's past using items spotted on eBay.

Road To Somewhere: Somebody has this old postcard back up for sale on eBay. Personally, I still suspect it's not really an image from Lynnfield, but more of a generic image that was also being sold down the highway claiming to be "an old road in Hyannis" or "an old road in Altoona." But with that said – Does anybody have any thoughts on whether this might perhaps be a really, really old shot of Walnut Street with the present day Colonial/Market Street property to the left? That's the one spot in Lynnfield that comes to mind with this image, notwithstanding all the years of change.

Hell's Dolls: So I've got a friend who is afraid of clowns. And I've heard it's actually quite a common fear. But, after seeing this picture I might almost have to say I'm afraid of dolls. Granted, they can be far, far creepier than this rather innocuous looking fellow. In fact, one doll place up where I used to live in New Hampshire makes these inexplicably popular ones that look more like possessed beings. But I digress. This is $45 for a doll house grandfather clock, but if you're a collector, it also happens to be about 50 years old. One online resource says this Lynnfield doll house furniture first appeared in the 1930s and was even sold at legendary shops like F.A.O. Schwartz in New York, but it's unclear whether there was ever any kind of connection to the town itself.

Lynnfield China: Speaking of long-ago brands that may or may not (but more likely may not) have any actual connection to the town, there is also a Lynnfield variety of China that was sold back around the 1960s or so. This column has mentioned pieces up for auction once or twice in the past. However, now you can get an entire set of Lynnfield China here for about $150. I can only imagine what it costs to ship it. The $15 seems a bit low. I think I'd want $15 just to carry the China set down the stairs.

The Best Signs (And Pizzas) Are Rustic: This particular item isn't actually an antique from Lynnfield'- it's a hand  carved wooden sign done up in a rustic style. It's the sort of thing you can envision hanging in some room or another perhaps at your uncle's house. And really, it doesn't look too bad although 94 bucks seems a bit steep for one of these things.

Camp Comfort? Back in 1907, a woman named Alice Bolton vacationed in Lynnfield, on what appears to be the shores of Suntaug Lake, but also possibly Pillings Pond. How do we know? Because she sent a postcard from Lynnfield Center to her friend Mrs. M.F. Smith in Reading to mention that they were staying across from a spot in town known as Camp Comfort. The thing is, a check online finds zero references to a Camp Comfort existing in Lynnfield, although I'm aware of several different camps that existed in town over the years. So for all I know, there were also folks in 1907 who liked to give whimsical names like "Camp Comfort" to their vacation homes. It's a bit hard to tell the difference in this picture, although it definitely looks like quite a comfortable spot to stay a week or two... Or stay the summer through, with apologies to Groucho Marx. And with that, I must be going.


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