A Look At Lynnfield-Related Items Up For Auction (11/12 Edition)

This week: a tiny fainting couch, a five-dollar filet, and I throw in the kitchen sink.

Most weekends, Lynnfield Patch takes a look at the various items connected to the town that are up for sale on eBay. Here are some of the latest examples:

Ninety Years Before Email: Despite the familiar location, this is not an image that has appeared in this column before. This is an old, old postcard, apparently from as early as 1905. Back then it cost a penny to send a postcard. And we’ll never quite know for sure if this guy Joe was trying to court this Miss Livingston of New York City by sending her this casual “How are u” postcard from Lynnfield.

The "Is He Kidding?" Part: I don’t know how the term “Lynnfield” came to be associated with this item – “A Lynnfield Fainting Couch.” Unfortunately, for fifty bucks you can’t even faint into the thing if you’re so inclined (pun intended). According to the seller, this item is only seven inches long by three inches high by three inches wide. I know people were much smaller a century or two ago, but this is ridiculous.

The Ship Menu: If you look at this menu for a couple of minutes, you can suddenly smell fried scallops and haddock and tartar sauce. These vintage menus are always interesting glimpses into another time, especially for those who are into food, history, or any combination of the two.  This particular menu comes from an era when you could get a filet mignon or several types of lobster dishes for less than five bucks. Even better, the seller actually provides some images to let you read the old menu. By the way, you can also snag an 80 year old menu from the former Towne Lyne House right now on eBay.

The Kitchen Sink: You know that old phrase “everything but the kitchen sink?” Well, now I’ve even thrown the kitchen sink into this column. Specifically, there was apparently a company called Lynnfield that appears to have made doll house furniture back in the ‘30s, and yes, that would apply to the previously mentioned fainting couch as well. This wooden sink is said to be in excellent condition with two opening doors – and it’s 4 ½ inches wide.

The Lynnfield Pioneers: Does anybody know anything about this band the Lynnfield Pioneers that released a few CDs back in the late 1990s? I’ve mentioned them once or twice in this column in the past. This particular item is rather unique – it’s a promotional CD from the band, whose songs can also be heard on Youtube.



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