Then And Now: The Old Milk Wagon

From time to time, Lynnfield Patch runs photos from the files of the Lynnfield Historical Commission that provide a glimpse into the town's past.

This particular "Then And Now" photo doesn't neatly fit into the usual format, because there's not really any "now" to go with this picture, unless I throw in a picture of the Hood Corporation office or something.

Basically, this photo shows a milk truck in the year 1898, according to a note accompanying it in the files of the Historical Commission. The completely empty opeen space in the background helps illustrate how much the town has changed in the past 114 years. I don't believe there was any indication what street in Lynnfield this photo was taken on.

On a side note, I can remember years ago that my grandparents had a metal box at their house that had once been used for daily milk deliveries. They kept it out on the side steps well into the 1970s just as sort of a nostalgia thing. Other than that, the only milkman I've ever seen is the animated variety from those old commercials.


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