Summer Street School Collects for Gathering Change, Inc.

Students at Summer Street School raised $1,663.62 for local food pantries.

The following is an announcement from Gathering Change, Inc.

For the second year in a row, the Student Council of chose Gathering Change, Inc. as one of its fundraising efforts this spring. The council, comprised of 40 fourth graders and two teachers, Kristine Percoskie and Patti Heldenbergh, exists to organize community service and fundraising for local charities.  Gathering Change, Inc. raises money within local communities and then donates it to neighborhood food pantries.

Summer Street School embraces a school-wide theme of being a good person who contributes to the community. Inspired by the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Student Council members initiated a school wide fundraiser.  Responsibilities of the council included sending a flyer home to each school family describing the collection, placing a bright bucket in each classroom for depositing coins and creating colorful posters advertising the project with slogans like ‘Give Change, Make Change’, ‘One Coin Could Make a Difference’ and ‘Change Goes a Long Way’.

At a school-wide assembly to kick off the fundraiser, the students were asked the question, “How can you fill a bucket to help those in need?”  The council was overwhelmed with the generosity and participation of all students. Many collected change from couch cushions, cars, and pockets. However, a few students took this challenge to heart. For example, two fourth graders held a lemonade stand and donated all of their proceeds to Gathering Change. Another student graciously gave his birthday money to the organization. In total, the students raised over $1,600.  Congratulations for a job well done!

The students at Summer Street School met their challenge of filling a bucket to contribute to their community. What can you do to fill a bucket today?  For more information about Gathering Change, Inc. see www.gatheringchangeinc.org.


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