Lynnfielders Who Fought In The American Revolution

In the spirit of Patriot's Day, here's a list of the hometown heroes who helped establish our country during the American Revolution.

For some time, I've been planning to do a couple of local history items involving Lynnfield and the American Revolution for Patriot's Day. After all, long before the day became characterized by a marathon and early Red Sox game, this town was among those that sent numerous soldiers to battle the mighty British Army at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

This particular sidebar-style piece scanned from the 1909 book "Lynn In The Revolution" might appeal to the more hard core history buffs among us, myself included, but it is also potentially a great source of pride for town residents to learn that so many people risked and sacrificed their lives for freedom on that day more than two centuries ago. Longtime residents are also likely to take interest in the various familiar names that can be found on these attached pages.


The text of these pages came out a bit smaller than I would have preferred, but that can be remedied by clicking the magnifying glass icon shown on the files' pages.

With that, here are three PDF files scanned from the appendix of the 1909 book "Lynn In The Revolution," which is in the library's geneaology room. This book is an invaluable historical resource both for its level of detail and for the story it tells. This little story package for Patriot's Day can barely do it justice.


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