Have You Lost An Orange Cat With A Stub For A Tail?

Orange cat with just a stub for a tail has been spotted several times in the Summer Street area.

Sandy Pesce of Lynnfield reports that she is trying to find the owners of a large orange cat with only a stub for a tail who has been coming to her backyard.

“He is very sweet, but shy. I feel that he has a home, but I am becoming concerned about his well being with the cold weather coming soon,” wrote Pesce, who lives on Summer Street and who has already checked with neighbors in the Sherwood Forest area near her home, as well as the town dog officer and at least one veterinarian.

“I put up signs and have gotten a couple of phone calls from folks who have seen him around but do not own him,” she added.

If this sounds like it might be your cat, please email Sandy at spesce@att.net .


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