Then And Now: Dedicating The Daniel Townsend House Marker

This week - we travel back more than five decades in time to the spring afternoon when a prominent local historical marker was dedicated.

I’m going in a slightly different direction this week with the “Then And Now” column this week because I came across something out of Lynnfield’s past that may not be around long enough to highlight in some future “eBay Report” column.

Basically, in recent weeks somebody has been selling a number of old press photos from Lynnfield on eBay, and some of them are quite fascinating or of local historical significance in their own right.

In this case, a group of young men joined John P. Duggan of the American Legion one spring just over 50 years ago to help dedicate the marker to commemorate the site where the home of Minuteman Daniel Townsend once stood. The asking price for the old press photo is $23.88.

As , although few are able to stop and read it – it’s at the busy intersection where Walnut and Summer streets meet. A past "Then And Now" column provides an old image of what the early Patriot's house looked like.

Daniel Townsend died in close hand to hand fighting against the British in a house in the Battle of Menotomy in 1775. More about him can be viewed in this article from last Patriot's Day.

This particular image is stamped ArgentaImages and is sold on eBay by Lexibell Vintage Photos. The image first ran in the Boston Herald on April 20, 1961 and a scanned newspaper clip from the eBay listing provides the following information: From left, John P Duggan of the American Legion, Wight Manning, Hank Bergson and Gary Hawkins (firing squad); Shepard Spear, Martin McMahon, and Donald Moreton.


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