eBay Report: Long-Ago Press Photos Of Lynnfield

A look at Lynnfield's interesting past using items up for sale on eBay.com.

From time to time, this website takes a look at the items up for sale on eBay.com that are connected to the past and character of Lynnfield. This week, somebody is selling a bunch of press photos that were taken in the 1920s. So this particular column will focus on some of those.

Kimball’s Starlight Ballroom: Here’s a very cool old press photo of a long-ago Lynnfield landmark. Back in the day, people would go dance the night away at Kimball’s Starlight Ballroom, an open-air pavilion that attracted some very popular big band and other acts in its day. I had always heard that the place was huge, and it definitely that was the case. Today, the Sunrise Senior Living facility stands on the site of the former Starlight Ballroom and a historical marker in the lobby identifies it as such.

Old Library Picture: This is apparently the Lynnfield Library’s prior incarnation back in 1929.  It seems noticeably smaller and looks like it could have just as easily been used as a firehouse and as a church while they were at it. I will have to inquire to find out just what year the  library was constructed.

Village Center: Do you recognize this vantage point? It’s Main Street, looking from next to the Old Meeting House down toward what would become the Centre Court shops and further down, the Middle School. The street largely looks the same, and those giant old trees are just beautiful.

1927 Railway Station: Here’s an image of the old railroad station in Lynnfield, which stood near the junction of Routes 1 (or the Newburyport Turnpike as it was then known) and 128. I am especially fond of old photos that show people, especially in action. A similar looking railroad building survives over in Danvers along the bike trail to this day.

Bank Robbery: In 1964, somebody apparently robbed the Beverly Trust bank in Lynnfield. We don’t know if they ever got caught, but we do know that somebody from the Boston Herald was there to get some photos afterward.

Steven January 12, 2013 at 05:57 PM
Bill, The building labeled Lynnfield Public Library is still there. It is the very left end of the library as you are facing it. It was the first school house in the centre. If you look behind and to the right of it, you will see the "new" Centre School up on the hill. It is where the Centre Village homes are now. Steven R. Historical Society
Steven January 12, 2013 at 06:00 PM
The picture labeled "Lynnfield Trading Center" shows the view from the intersection of Main St. & South Common looking towards Wakefield. Most of the old buildings are still there. The large part on the end of the "stores" was moved back and is where the Wakefield Savings bank is now. The middle of the building which housed Roundy's Store is still there and is where the Village Pharmacy is now. Steven R - Historical Society


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