Meet Corinna Spinale, Professional Photographer

Corinna Cole speaks to Lynnfield Patch about the world of photography.

Since 1995 Corinna Spinale has been a professional photographer and retouch artist in the greater Boston area.  Over the years, she has worked diligently to grow her business.  She currently owns a full-service photography and design studio located at 451r Broadway in Lynnfield, and is also available for commissioned projects.

Lynnfield Patch recently interviewed Spinale to learn more about her wide ranging interests in professional photography and portraiture. During the interview, she discussed her passion for photography and her plans for upcoming creative design projects.

“I love being able to offer my clients a wide variety of professional services.  You know what they say, if you are doing something you love you’ll never work a day in your life,” said Spinale.

Spinale studied Photography and Design at Mass College of Art.  She also earned a graphic design certificate from the Computer Processing Institute in Cambridge. She encourages aspiring photographers to “Stick with your passion and try to find a good mentor and try to follow their lead, someone who is successful.”

Spinale's photography and design work has been recognized by a number of organizations.  For example, in 2009 her studio was selected for the Reader’s Choice Award from Beantown Tails Magazine as the best place in the Boston area for pet portraits and photography. 

In addition to owning a photography studio, Spinale works part-time at a pet zoo. She specializes in pet photography and children’s portraits.  Her work also includes brochures, business card design, commercial photography, graphic design, head shots, logos, menus, and retouching.  Gift certificates are available. 

Spinale also recently became a certified evidence photographer, and would like to become more involved in evidence photography for local police departments.

“I love to continue to have a niche in the world of photography.  There’s always a lot of new people coming into the business and I think it’s great to always be doing something a little bit different,” she says.

In the early 1990s, Spinale worked as a lab technician for the New England Color Lab where she was in charge of the black and white department.  During her time working as a lab technician, Spinale met several professional photographers that she is still close with today.  Later, she began working in the photography lab at Filene’s Advertising in Boston. 

“I saw that the world was changing and I wanted to try to become more educated on digital graphic design.  So I went to CPI,” she explained.

After earning her design certificate from the Computer Processing Institute, Spinale eventually became an art director at Filene’s Advertising.  

“I absolutely loved working at Filene’s.  I learned a lot from the people there.  I learned a lot of terrific skills,” she said with enthusiasm.

After leaving Filene’s in 2005, Cole moved her home based studio to the Lynnway for a brief time and eventually moved to Broadway in Lynnfield.

For more information about Photography by Corinna visit


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