Peabody Municipal Light Plant Marks Public Power Week

Light plant powers Peabody and South Lynnfield. Energy efficient bulb sale and open house is Oct. 13.

The following is an announcement from Peabody Municipal Light Plant:

Peabody Municipal Light Plant (PMLP) is celebrating Public Power Week, October 7-13, along with more than 2,000 other electric utilities that collectively provide electricity on a non-for-profit basis to 46 million Americans.

“Public Power Week is a chance for PMLP to inform our customers of the benefits of our not-for-profit, electric utility, owned by the citizens of Peabody. “ PMLP is committed to the protection of our environment and to the welfare and safeguard of our community,” said PMLP Manager Glenn Trueira.  “We are dedicated to providing safe, reliable electricity and high quality service at the lowest possible rates.”  With one of the most modern and reliable electric distribution facilities in New England, PMLP’s electric rates are traditionally among the lowest in Massachusetts.  PMLP serves over 20,000 residential customers and 3,800 commercial and industrial customers in Peabody and South Lynnfield.

Peabody Municipal Light Plant invites customers to participate in the PMLP Bulb Sale and Open House on Saturday, October 13, 2012, between 9 am and noon, when customers can purchase the new energy efficient LED and CFL lighting at substantially reduced prices.  Participants should bring along their electric bill or license to confirm that they are PMLP customers to take advantage of the annual Bulb Sale.   “We’ll be selling Lighting products to our customers at well below market prices.  This is our way to say thank you to our community, and to help our conservation efforts,” stated Trueira.

During Public Power Week, PMLP would like to thank our employees for their constant dedication in providing Peabody and South Lynnfield residents with reliable electrical service 24/7 during 2012.

Rusty Gallant

Joanne Gardner

Maritza Gilmore

Sharon Glavin

Darlene Harding

Tim Hennessy

Randi Holland

Dave Holden

Bryan Howcroft

Eugene Kasman

Jan Kentros

Heather Kotchian

Marie Koulas

Kevin MacGregor

Bob Maguire

Tony Makovitch

Tony Martins

John McRae

Michelle Michaelis

Jim Millea

Kevin Moran

John Myers

Joe Neenan

Jim Noftle

Jean O’Brien

Chuck Orphanos



Peter Pavenski

Jeff Pearson

Tim Pierce

Dan Pingree

Bill Powers

Barbara Previte

Bill Reaume

Phil Rohn

Dave Schofield

Patti Sears

Renee Sheehy

Ron Shruhan

Roy Simoes

Patricia Terry-Bua

Ben Tierney

Barbara Tracchia

Glenn Trueira

Jack Van Durme


PMLP Commissioners:

William Aylward

Charles Bonfanti

Thomas D’Amato

Thomas Paras

Robert Wheatley, Chair


Brian Abcunas

Emmanuel Agouridis

Dennis Ahlin

Josephine Amico

Andy Anastopoulos

Joe Anastasi

Robert Anderson

Sheila Barry

Marty Bongette

Matt Boraiza

Brian Botelho

Paul Caputo

Mike Coleman

Kevin Collins

Mike Conwell

Shawn Copp

Michael Correale

Ron D’Andrea

Tony DaSilva

Donna Davis

Debbie Davis-LeClair

Cheryl DiLorenzo

Matt Dowling

Russell Dunn

Phil Durkin

Alan Edgerly

Steven Follis

Kristina Frizzell

Peabody Municipal Light Plant has a five-member Municipal Lighting Commission, elected by the citizens of Peabody.  The Peabody Municipal Lighting Commission governs the light plant.  “The people at PMLP are proud to have serviced the Peabody and South Lynnfield communities for 121 years,” stated Commission Chairman Robert O. Wheatley.  “We strive to provide top-notch service and contribute to the community’s economic vitality.”  For more information about PMLP visit our web site, www.pmlp.com


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