Lynnfield Spring Serving Customers For Over A Century

Pocahontas Spring Water, located in Lynnfield, has been owned and operated by the LeColst Family since the 1960s

At about eight years old, Donny LeColst and his brothers Jackie and Kenny began helping out and working at , which was owned and operated by their father at the time. “We were brought up to work,” LeColst said, “and to do things right.” The three LeColst brothers now run Pocahontas Spring Water.

History of Pocahontas Spring

In 1901 the Smith family discovered and opened Pocahontas Spring Water. Sixty years later, in 1961, the LeColst Family, who are from Middleton, bought it and has been running it ever since. LeColst explains that his father had great foresight and knew that the business would serve the community well over the years.

When the LeColst family first took over Pocahontas Spring Water in the 1960s, water sold for about 50 cents for a five gallon bottle. This average price has risen substantially over the years, although Pocahontas prides itself on keeping costs low while providing home and office deliveries. The company also delivers to elderly housing for a dollar a bottle.

Another option is the self service. Customers can come down to the spring and bottle their own water for 25 cents a gallon. This option is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. “We haven’t raised prices in 4 years,” LeColst said, “and we hope to continue to keep prices low.”

Recent Struggles

The economy has been difficult for the company over the past few years. According to LeColst, Pocahontas has seen about a 30-35% decrease in the business. “When business and people have to cut back” LeColst said, “luxury items are usually the first to go.” For example, Pocahontas used to deliver to local courthouses, but the economy has led to a general downturn in such orders.

Massachusetts is not generally known for having many springs. LeColst notes that the water is 100 percent natural and contains no additives, and adds that some larger brands have been known to get their water from lakes instead of natural springs. The spring water is also reportedly tested frequently state certified personnel.

A Family Business

Currently children of the younger LeColst generations continue to learn about the business and help out. LeColst said he hopes to keep the business in the family for many more years, but it is impossible to tell what the future will bring. For the present, Pocahontas continues to focus on their customers. “We try to make it easy for the public,” LeColst said, “and we try to keep prices low.”

For more information about Pocahontas Spring Water, check out their website at http://www.pocahontasspringwater.com/.

Pam Scantalides September 01, 2011 at 08:52 PM
We have had the pleasure of Pocahontas' delivery since 1994 when we moved to Lynnfield. Donny LaColst and his family are a valuable resource to the community. The water is great, the service is superior and we are supporting a local business!


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