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Lynnfield Singer Releases New Holiday Re-Mix

Noel Smith of Lynnfield has had her work appear on albums, video games and films.

Lynnfield Patch recently had the opportunity to check in with Noel Smith, a professional singer who has found some unique niches for herself, such as video games and Christmas songs.

Last December, this website interviewed Noel about the Christmas album she had just released, featuring the song "Wish You Were Here." More recently, Noel and Michael DiMattia, who grew up in Lynnfield and now lives in Reading, have collaborated on a new re-mix of the single.

"He fell in love with Wish You Were Here on my Christmas album and he really wanted to do more beats and give it a more happy and spirited vibe," said Noel. The Lynnfield resident works with Futura productions in Boston and thanks to technology, does not need to fly to Los Angeles as frequently as she may have in the past.

Since she last spoke with Lynnfield Patch, Noel reports that it has been a "crazy, busy" 2011, in part because she has sang on three video game soundtracks in the past year. This niche has been growing particularly rapidly in recent years, as some video game production budgets and followings have come to rival those of the average movie.

Noel can be heard in the new "Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy" game, which came out earlier this month for the Nintendo 3DS. Her solo can be heard in the final level of that game. The growing following of video game soundtracks even provided Noel with the opportunity this past spring to do a solo as part of a show at Symphony Hall featuring the music of video games through the decades. Noel notes that there is even now a 70-voice symphonic choir in Boston that has done some chorals for video games.

Early in 2012, a couple of other games that include her singing will be on the market, and her work will also be heard in a film that will be released in 2012.

Also in early 2012, Noel reports that she and DiMattia plan to release an EP of three or four songs that will also be available for sale online. This project would feature the electronic music mixed with Noel's soprano voice that can be heard on the "Wish You Were Here" remix.

In Lynnfield, Noel also continues to teach about 25 voice students, both children and adults. She also occasionally substitutes on the piano at the in town.

For now though, Noel remains focused on marketing her new single and with also branching out more from the Christmas music that has characterized her work

"We've had a lot of support, people have really seemed to like it," said Noel.

To hear Noel's new remix  "Wish You Were Here" single or to buy it, click here.

To read a previous interview that Lynnfield Patch did with Noel, .


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