Lynnfield-Related Items Up For Auction 12/10

This week: Items from a groovier time, and snapshots of long-ago moments in town.

Here are some of the items connected to Lynnfield that can currently be found on eBay:

Swingin' Lynnfield: This matchbook cover from the Bali Hai appears to date back to the ‘60s or ‘70s . Whenever it was from, the place was open until 2 a.m. back then and appeared to be using the slogan "Mysterious Paradise of the South Pacific."  The question is, what 8-track do you loudly play after lighting your Winston from one of these things and peeling out of the Bali Hai parking lot at 2 a.m. in 1968? (feel free to comment below) I’m thinking maybe Hendrix or The Guess Who before winding down really late with some Johnny Cash or Cream. That year, a little ditty known as "In A Gadda Da Vida" was also hitting the charts. Either way, there’s as many answers to that one as there are rocks in nearby Suntaug Lake.

Old Railroad Station: I love looking at old pictures like this one, wondering who the people were, that sort of thing. This picture is very old looking, and shows two men sitting at the old B+M railroad station in Lynnfield. It's the sort of idyllic old-fashioned country setting that in these parts now seems to exist largely just in lemonade commercials. In a previous eBay Report column, I noted that this railroad station was located near the present junction of Routes 1 and 128. As interesting and vintage as this photo is, I’m not sure if I’d part with $24.95 plus shipping to acquire it .

Center School: The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this old photo is, if this is Lynnfield Center, I’d hate to see the outskirts. This photo is actually the former Lynnfield Center School.

In fact, former teacher Marjorie Coon-Coyle, who taught at the school from about 1935 to 1975, will turn 100 in late January.

Vintage Fire Truck: This photo shows a 1930s Lynnfield fire truck parked with two firefighters looking on. The top upper left corner shows an interesting dark cloud that could potentially be smoke (Or, if you watch the History Channel, could also have something to do with ancient aliens).  But probably not. Also, this may be the only scene involving firetrucks and firemen from this era that does not have a spotted dog somewhere in the image.

Groovy Jacket: Whatever “Tonetwill Lynnfield Fabrics” is, it was used in this jacket that looks like a cross between those Chinese Mao jackets from the ‘60s or the sort of frock favored by Madeline the children’s book character. It turns out this thing really does come from the 60s, and bidding has stopped – sometime earlier this month, not 30 years ago.


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