Lynnfield Artist's Work On Display In New York City

Golfer and artist Lou O'Keefe of Lynnfield has work on display this month at Agora Gallery in New York CIty this month.

Lynnfield artist Lou O’Keefe’s work is on display this month at the Agora Gallery in New York City.

According to an announcement from the gallery, O’Keefe is mostly self-taught as an artist, and is a former professional golfer. He reportedly sees both golfing and art as things that can help people connect to nature.

“My paintings are not just a duplication of what my eyes see but rather a visual of what my soul feels,” says the painter. “My goal as an artist is to bring my paintings from a one-dimensional surface to a three dimensional experience.”

O’Keefe’s work is on exhibit from Feb. 7-27 at the Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th St., New York City, with a reception planned this Thursday evening at the gallery.

“Like the Impressionist masters, this artist is inspired to paint his surroundings as he experiences them, through pulsating colors and animated forms. He revels in the flexibility and adaptability of his chosen medium of acrylic, alchemically transforming familiar scenes into evocative, spellbinding beauty,” said the gallery’s announcement.


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