Karen's Bakery – Lynnfield's Homemade Specialties

Lynnfield Patch recently spoke with Dorothy Wold of Karen's Bakery, one of Lynnfield's best bets for homemade delicious breads and other baked goods.

Karen's Bakery on 6 Centre Court has been a Lynnfield staple since 1958. Karen's is a family affair, started by the Wolds and named after their youngest daughter. In 1971, the original founders, C. Arthur Wold and his wife, E. Louis, retired, and handed the establishment over to their son, C. Arthur Jr. and his wife Dorothy. C. Arthur Jr. and Dorothy have been running Karen's ever since.

"People come for the home-style cooking and quaint atmosphere that is getting harder and harder to find out there," said co-owner Dorothy Wold.

In the 1980s, C. Arthur Jr. and Dorothy begun supplying local farms with their fresh bread and in the 1990s, created the first batch of their famous cinnamon monkey bread, which has become one of Lynnfield's signature foods.

“It's great comfort food,” explains Dorothy. “They are so doughy and gooey and topped with icing, they have become really addictive.”

Until Easter, Karen's is making special hot cross buns.

“The hot cross buns are doughy, yet crusty on the edges, with tons of raisins and other fruits, plus a ton of our homemade frosting. They are kind of a mix between danishes and coffee cake,” said Dorothy.

Karen's has also become a hit at Red Sox games. One of the farms that Karen's regularly supplies, Marshall Farm Stands out of Gloucester, has started selling Karen's products not far from Fenway Park.

“You can go down just outside of Fenway and buy our stuff and take it right into the game!” exclaimed Dorothy.

As an aside, for Lynnfield's convenience, Dorothy mentioned that Karen's also takes electric bill payments.

So pop by Karen's for Lynnfield's best bread and other pastries. Store hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, closing two hours early on Saturday. Karen's is closed on Sundays. For more information on Karen's, including a rundown of all their products, click here.

sara October 09, 2011 at 11:37 PM
can you tell me that the ingredients in Karen's food- specifically the monkey bread- is it all natural- no trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils- I want to feel good about giving this food to my children.


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