Checking In With Lynnfield's Professional Psychic

Tatum Jayce owns psychic studio in Wakefield and gives readings from Lynnfield home.

Lynnfield resident Tatum Jayce has one of the most interesting job titles in town - professional psychic. Jayce has been giving readings for nearly two decades now and her skills include tarot cards, palm and aura reading, astrology, and reiki.

The South Broadway resident recently returned to Lynnfield with her family after spending the past several months at Hampton Beach, where she has done readings for about 15 summers. Between September and May, Jayce operates a psychic studio in downtown Wakefield and sees clients by appointment at her Lynnfield home. She also does readings for house parties and other functions.

"Whoever says a person only goes to a psychic to talk about their love life has really never talked to a psychic," Jayce told Lynnfield Patch.

Jayce explained that she has a fair number of repeat customers, but adds that just as many are getting a reading for the first time. She makes it clear that she does not ask clients for personal information, including birthdays, and that their comfort is a top priority. Another customer service function is to explain to new customers the different types of readings available to them, while not pitching one over the other.

"I've always trained myself to be focused, to get energy in the right places," said Jayce, who is also trying out some new specials, such as a $10 deal in September, and a two-for-one deal in October.

Despite her work as a psychic, Jayce tells Lynnfield Patch "I'm just a normal, everyday person" who is "very professional, kind and open." In fact, when people find out that she is a professional psychic, many people will immdiately start asking her for advice, reports Jayce.

"If I didn't become a psychic I would have become a nurse or counselor," she added, going on to say that "all of us are gifted in some area." 

To learn more about Tatum Jayce's work, email her at psychictatum@yahoo.com.


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