Check This Out: Photography At The Ninety-Nine

New decor at the Lynnfield Ninety-Nine on Salem Street includes photos from Lynnfield Patch.

The Lynnfield Ninety-Nine is sporting some new decor, and some of it includes photos that have run on Lynnfield Patch over the past year or two.

A couple of months ago, this website heard from a photography business working with the restaurant to add some new and local images. Many of the images feature athletes and sporting events from LHS, so check them out next time you're in there.

Originally there was some talk of using some of the countless outdoor shots from myself, Suzy Julian and Doug Conrood, among others that can be found on this website. Photography is serious business on Lynnfield Patch and it's great that some of these images have been used in the decor of such a popular local restaurant. I've been doing it for 20 years now, and some people I hear from regularly have been doing it for far, far longer.

This particular image shown here first appeared on Lynnfield Patch on August 17, 2011. The original can be viewed here.


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