Check Out Noel's New Dance Single

Singer and voice teacher Noel, a Lynnfield resident, has released this new single. Check it out.

Since going online in late 2010, this website has checked in on a couple of occasions with Noel Smith, a professional singer and voice teacher who has released several albums and has also had her work appear in horror movies and video game soundtracks.

This article from December, 2010, interviewed Noel about her work in general, as well as some of the Christmas music she has released.

About a year later, Lynnfield Patch caught up with Noel again As noted in the article, video game soundtracks have become increasingly popular as their budgets and popular culture influence have grown, and Noel was even among the performers at a previous Symphony Hall concert in Boston featuring that genre.

This week, Lynnfield Patch spotted a Twitter posting from Noel saying that she's got a new dance single out entitled "Get On It."  You can listen to it at this link. In fact, you can also listen to a bunch of her other songs there as well.

Steven June 25, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Sounds great! How do I get it on my Ipod? Is it available on I tunes or Amazon yet?
William Laforme June 25, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Hi Steven, Noel has her own website linked to in the story, I would consult those or just search directly on iTunes and Amazon, I'm sure there's definitely a way to pick up the song...


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