Cervizzi Achieves 10th Degree Black Belt

Paul Cervizzi earns grandmaster rank and prestigious "Soke" status.

The following is an announcement from Cervizzi Martial Arts:

Master Paul B. Cervizzi, president of ®, was recently awarded one of the highest honors in the martial arts.  In a private ceremony on Nov. 19th, Master Cervizzi was promoted to the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt (Grandmaster status), and named “SOKE” –head of family- by the International 'Alliance' Sokeship Council.          

Grandmaster James Thomas of Ohio represented The Council and made the presentation.  A graduate of Boston College, and Mass. School of Law, Grandmaster Cervizzi has been a martial arts practitioner for over 33 years and has dojos in Lynnfield, North Reading and Winthrop.  Grandmaster Thomas Stated. “There are only a handful of qualified individuals who have attained this prestigious status, and it was a privilege to be able to represent The Council for this monumental event.” 

Grandmaster Cervizzi would like to personally acknowledge his wife Laura, and 2 children, Christopher and Juliana for all their support and encouragement.  He also attributes his success to all of his loyal and dedicated instructors that teach each and every day at the dojos, and make such a dramatic impact on individual lives.  Also, Grandmaster Cervizzi would like to thank all of the students for making the three programs what they are today.  “We truly have a martial arts “family”, says Grandmaster Cervizzi, I am a very lucky person.”

We will be having an open house gathering for all students and families and friends after the New Year to Celebrate with Grandmaster Paul


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