VIDEO: Making Chocolate Pretzel Fudge for Valentine's Day

On Wednesday, Tabatha Brennan, dining services coordinator at Sunrise Senior Living, visited the Lynnfield Senior Center for a Valentine's Day dessert demonstration.

Tabatha Brennan, the dining services coordinator for Sunrise Senior Living in Lynnfield, returned to the Lynnfield Senior Center on Wednesday to give a demonstration on making Valentine's Day desserts.

In this video, Tabatha is making pretzel chocolate fudge with caramel sauce. The pretzels are crushed and mixed with melted butter and then spread on the bottom of the (buttered) pan before the fudge is poured in. From there, the pan goes into the fridge for 90 minutes or so. Other options for the fudge include caramel sauce on top - or even in the middle between the pretzels and the chocolate.

The demonstration also included tuxedo strawberries with white and regular chocolate, and oreo cupcakes.

Also, check out this video from last year where Tabatha made chocolate truffles. It turns out that the only difference between the ganache truffle filling in last year's video and the fudge in the current video is that the fudge has condensed milk added to the blend of melted bittersweet chocolate and cream cheese.


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