PHOTOS: Reedy Meadow In Winter

From time to time, this website runs photos featuring the open spaces of Lynnfield.

On Friday morning I took a walk out onto the Reedy Meadow boardwalk to try to record some video. Unfortunately, what came out was just not usable, largely because the camera got too much sun in the field and created an effect looking like a Star Wars lightsaber running up and down the length of the video. So there's that story. Fortunately though, I did take a few images of the marsh, which was frozen and still, but with surprisingly active bird life still going on despite the cold temperatures.

A number of the boards are also damaged beneath the ice, so be careful if you go down there this winter.

Nikki January 06, 2013 at 09:58 PM
Nice winter scenes, Bill. And, judging from all the footprints, it looks like the boardwalk gets plenty of use even in the winter.


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