eBay Report: The Original Han Solo And An Old Milk Bottle

From time to time, Lynnfield Patch takes a look at items currently up for sale on eBay connected to the town's past.

It was the Summer of 1969 – and Joe Dombrowski was on the town common calling out square dancing routines. This press photo shows a long-ago image where a bunch of locals in full western attire descended on the common and do-si-doh’d their ways into the archive books.  Some seven years before “Star Wars” would change American culture forever, Mr. Dombrowski also appears to have been something of a pioneer with the “Han Solo” look.

The Lynnfield Hotel: Long ago, the Lynnfield Hotel stood near Salem Street and Route 1. This item is quite interesting from a local history perspective – it’s a glass negative of a lithograph showing the former hotel – as it would have looked long before the first car ever traveled down the old Newburyport Turnpike.  A former "Then And Now” that ran on this website tells more about the background of the Lynnfield Hotel.

A century ago, if you wanted milk with your new-fangled cereal flakes, there was a chance it might have been delivered that morning from Lawrence Elm Farm in Lynnfield. I’ve never come across any mention of this particular farm while studying the town. However, this past “Then And Now” column has a picture of one of the old horse-drawn carts that would have delivered a bottle like this.

Inside The Suntaug Lake Inn: This image from the World War I era is locally significant because from doing this column, it seems that postcards showing the outside of the former Suntaug Lake Inn are more common than those showing the interior. In fact, I don’t recall seeing one that had a room photo on it before this one.  The room has the sort of furnishings you’d expect from a Victorian-era ghost story, a la J.S. LeFanu, or possibly an H.P. Lovecraft story before the main character goes mad and is consumed by evil beings. Just saying.

The Other Lynnfield Pioneers: A couple of decades ago, a band called the Lynnfield Pioneers made a couple of albums and some of the posters and old LPs make the rounds on eBay to this day. Here’s a press photo of the band, which was signed to Matador Records.


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